The images are taken utilising digital detectors and are processed via a digital reader. These images are then available for viewing, printing and interpretation by the radiologist. This technology reduces the radiation dose required for the examination and significantly reduces the need for repeat examinations. It is also faster.

Depending on the body part being examined, the patient may be required to wear a provided gown. We also request removal of jewellery and body piercing items which may be in the field of view. This makes interpretation of the images more accurate.

What is an X-Ray?
X-rays are used to image almost any part of the body. They are the most common and most widely available examinations we offer. Central Queensland Radiology uses state-of-the art computerised and digital imaging equipment to ensure maximum image quality and minimum radiation dose.

What should I expect when I arrive for my appointment?
Our friendly radiography team will clearly explain what you have to do. Patients may be asked to change into a gown for the x-ray examination and remove items of jewellery and dense objects from the area being imaged. Patients may be asked to hold their breath for the x-ray.

How long does it take?
An x-ray examination can take from 5 – 20 minutes to complete depending of the examination requested.

Is the radiation safe?
The radiation exposure during an x-ray is very low and we take every precaution to ensure this dose is minimised. If you know you are or think you may be pregnant, you must tell your referring doctor and the Radiographer performing your examination.

Is there any special preparation?
There is no preparation needed and there are no after effects. Patients will be asked to remove any jewellery or metallic items from the neck and head area as they may interfere with the x-ray image.