What is Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI)?

MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed soft tissue images that delineate the structures of your body including fat, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles and the internal organs.

Why have I been referred for an MRI?

There are many imaging procedures that help doctors look for and assess medical conditions. Different procedures provide different specialised information. Sometimes more than one type of imaging might be used to show information about a problem.
MRI might be the best way of showing certain problems, such as for a knee injury, the brain or spine. MRI is also often used to provide additional information to other tests, such as X-ray or ultrasound.
There are many different techniques or types of MRI scans that can be carried out. Each one offers the radiologist (specialist doctor) specific information, to best show what the problem might be. The information gained using MRI should help to diagnose the medical condition you might have.

How much does it cost?

Fortunately at Central Queensland Radiology, many MRI studies are eligible for a Medicare rebate if referred by a specialist or GP*. However some types of MRI examination are not eligible for a Medicare rebate and will attract a fee for the service performed. Please consult with the MRI booking liaison for information on any costs associated with your MRI examination, at the time of booking.

Where can I get my MRI done?


QTV House, 5 Aquatic place, North Rockhampton, QLD, 4701

Rockhampton Hospital

Canning St, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700


2016-214 Philip St, Gladstone, QLD, 4680

* Referral must meet medicare specifications for rebate eligibility. (in some circumstances a gap fee may also apply)