bulk-billed MRI services now available at Gladstone

Central Queensland Radiology is delighted that Gladstone residents will now have local access to bulk-billed MRI services. It has been announced that our practice on Dawson Road in Gladstone is the first site to receive one of several new full MRI licences issued by the Federal Government in various locations across Australia. For many years there has been a groundswell of support for a Gladstone MRI licence and many have worked hard towards this goal. It is very exciting that this has now been achieved. The new MRI licence significantly cuts the cost of eligible MRI services, many of which can be lifesaving, as they are used to diagnose cancer, brain and spinal injuries and other medical conditions. Commitment to healthcare in the region has long been a priority for us since opening our first practice in Philip Street in 2013. In November 2018 we moved into a significantly expanded clinic on Dawson Road to reduce wait times, offer more comprehensive services and employ more local Radiologists and healthcare staff. We are very pleased that from March 2019 the Gladstone community can now access bulk-billed 3T MRI services for Medicare eligible scans.
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